Kursk-Root Icon Rules

I. Rules for those accompanying the miraculous Kursk Root icon during her visit to the parishes and homes of the Western American Diocese

Orthodoxy in America

We have gathered here today* to venerate St. Herman, first saint of the American land, first Orthodox missionary to America, bringer of Orthodox Christianity to the New World. This feast gives us an opportunity to look at the Orthodoxy he brought: what has happened to it since his time, where it stands in this country today, what are the hopes for it – and for us, who are today's Orthodox Christians – in the years ahead, nearly two hundred years after the seeds of the true faith were planted here. ...more

The Saints of Fort Ross

One came by schooner, and then horseback. Two came by steam locomotive, and then stagecoach. Holy men on a mission—they came, they prayed and departed. Their presence at Fort Ross, Russian colony turned State Park, is exceptional. It is the only public park in America that has been graced by three saints. In a sense, Fort Ross is a kind of hallowed ground. ...more

Sermon of the Occasion of the Canonization of the New Martyr Alexander of Munich

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: Amen.

Today the Church rejoices, and today is a day on which we all should rejoice; for to the assembly of the Saints has been added a new name, in the person of the New Martyr Alexander (Schmorell) of Munich, whom our Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has canonised during today's Divine Services. Though St. Alexander's holiness is not new, and he has not been 'made' a saint today but was a saint in his life and has interceded for the world since his martyric death, today we recognise him in the dyptichs, and future generations shall hold him up as an example of true faith and piety.

“How We Opened the Relics of St. John”

The relics of John of Shanghai and San Francisco were opened 18 years ago, on October 13 1993. The Church marks this event on October 12. Archpriest Peter Perekrestov, an eyewitness of this event, told us about how everything happened.

Neskuchny Sad magazine

In What Lies the Spiritual Strength of Blessed Metropolitan Anthony?

The grace of the Spirit taught him well that the head of the Church must concern himself not only with that Church which is entrusted to him by the Spirit, but with the entire, universal Church. He learned this through the holy prayers. “If we must,” said St. Eustace, “pray for the ecumenical Church, from one end of the universe to the other, then so the more must we show our care for all of it, concerning ourselves equally with all (churches) and caring for everyone.” ...more

‘Their proclamation has gone out into all the earth...’

As the Church comes to the end of her long Apostles’ Fast, she approaches a most unique Feast in her liturgical life: the Feast of the All-Praised and All-Glorious Leaders of the Holy Apostles, Sts Peter and Paul. Amongst the great multitude of saints that sing from heaven to the glory of God, these two Apostles stand in a unique and incomparable place. This place is marked out by the splendour of the phrases used to cry out to them in the divine services: ...more

"Missionary work begins with good deeds, respect and friendship"

Your Grace, with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, you will participate in the 12th All-Diaspora Youth Conference in Paris. As an archpastor and spiritual leader, what is the first thing you wish to address with the young people from various countries? ...more

To the Clergy of the Western American Diocese

It is a special privilege and blessing for me to be here with you today at the pastoral conference of the Western American Diocese. ...more

My Reminiscences about Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev)

In connection with the upcoming anniversary of the repose of Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev) of San Francisco and Western America of blessed memory I would like to note some of the characteristics of this very good-hearted and cordial archpastor. ...more


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